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HealthCare Solutions Bureau (HCSB) is a network of consultants who provide facilities planning and design consulting services for supply chain operations in new hospital construction and hospital renovation.



HCSB’s facility planning and design approach for supply chain solutions typically includes the following activities:

  • Identification and assessment of current facility and industry practices;
  • Review of architectural drawings and construction plans for new facility/space;
  • Tours and interviews with managers and staff involved with daily supply chain operations, as well as key clinical and ancillary support department managers;
  • Review and assessment of supply chain activities to identify operational enhancements to be considered in the (re)design process;
  • Analysis of material and process flows, activity levels and resource requirements by work shift and day of week.
  • Review of pertinent materials from Materials Management and applicable policies and procedures.
  • Assessment of the functionality and utilization of materials handling equipment needed for efficient operation;
  • Review and assessment of physical receiving and delivery locations, space and pathways, as well as other common use areas;
  • Assessment of the overall requirements and satisfaction of major clinical/ancillary departments; and
  • Evaluation of current performance levels, practices, policies and procedures as compared to state-of-the-art techniques including key measures of productivity compared to industry benchmarks.



As an alternative, HCSB can perform a high level operational assessment of the supply chain operation/ planning at a hospital. This entails two consultants spending a minimal number of days on-site conducting interviews, touring sites and reviewing plans with the appropriate personnel. Then additional days are spent composing a report of HCSB’s findings and recommendations. The actual number of days is dependent on the scope of the assessment and the size of the organization.

This is a relatively inexpensive means of determining where your operational planning stands with regards to your supply chain prior to committing to a full scale and detailed assessment.


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