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Building and Honing Your Negotiation Skills in the Healthcare Environment



Negotiation will always be a part of our daily activities whether in our business or personal lives. Everyone in the purchasing aspect of the supply chain should be as educated in this skill as the people on the selling side will be.

In the healthcare setting purchasers face unique situations that may influence how they conduct their negotiations. This course will address the basics and some intermediate concepts that will enable to participants to enter negotiation situations with more confidence and have better results from their efforts.

The Basic Tenets of Negotiation

  • The What, Why and When of Negotiation
  • Two Types of Negotiation
  • Ethics as Part of Every Negotiation


The Three Key Forces in Every Negotiation

  • The Optimum Use of Information
  • Managing Time to Your Advantage
  • Your Power and How to Use It


The Rules and Tools Used in a Negotiation

  • Useful Tips for the Negotiator
  • Learning Tactics-Those to Use and Those to Avoid


The Process of Negotiation

  • How to Prepare for a Negotiation
  • The Use of Teams in a Negotiation
  • How Using a BATNA Will Drive Your Success
  • The Evaluation of a Negotiation
  • Contracts as a Part of Negotiation
  • Difficult Negotiation Situations


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