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Key Steps for Managing your Career Path



Whether you are just embarking on your career path or you are at a point where you feel you are not progressing as well as you would like, you should examine the most important issues you must face to achieve your professional goals.

What we are referring to are the rules or precepts that many people had to learn mostly by experience. Often this educational process can be painful. One thing for sure is that to not be aware of and understand these guidelines will certainly delay your progress, if not derail it.

Topics to be addressed include:


1.       Selective use of education and certification
2.       The enigma of goal setting
3.       Developing a 12Q plan
4.       Making yourself presentable
5.       Coping with modifications
6.       Dealing with speed bumps
7.       The importance of a mentor
8.       The most important personal trait you can develop
9.       The most important activity you should pursue
10.    Removing your mental limitations


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