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HCSB Returns to Former Client to Assist With Their Supply Chain

HCSB has returned to a former client in Wisconsin to assist them with the process of a GPO assessment. Holy Family Memorial (HFM) in Manitowoc, WI contacted HCSB and requested that they provide assistance in their efforts to maintain their competitiveness in a very aggressive market region.

Michael Bohon, Managing Director of HCSB said, "Holy Family Memorial has always been our group's favorite client. When we worked there in 2008 and 2009 we found the organization to be one of the most focused and with the most sincere and appreciative staff we had ever met. It was a pleasure to work there and we are pleased to have the opportunity to be back again. They are a true measure of what a community hospital should be"

The project has provided HFM an opportunity to reduce its costs significantly with virtually no changes to their conduct of business required.


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