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HCSB's Article on Healthcare Supply Chain's Uniqueness Published

The recent issue of Value Analysis and Utilization Management Magazine includes an article entitled "But The Healthcare Supply Chain Is Different" by Michael Bohon, HCSB's Managing Director. 


It compares the healthcare supply chain's operations and methods to those he has observed in his work and discussions with other national/international industries while conducting educational programs for them over the past 20+ years.


Bohon comments that there have been significant differences in the way both sectors run their supply chain, but that many of these variations are gradually disappearing. He points out that more improvement is necessary in healthcare, but that many great advantages can be found there.


The full content of the article can be found under the HCSB is the Media heading on the home page of this website or by right clicking on the link below and opening the link in a new tab/window.






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