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The primary focus during the planning for hospital new construction or renovation is heavily on the diagnostic and treatment areas for patients and justifiably so. However it must be remembered that without the continuous flow of supplies and equipment, the care of the patient suffers. Therefore it is imperative that the supply chain operation must be given its due consideration in order for the total project to have a successful and productive outcome.

Areas to be considered are:

  1. Study of current facility and industry practices
  2. Review of architectural drawings and construction plans for new facility/space
  3. Review and assessment of supply chain activities
  4. Analysis of material and process flows, activity levels and resource requirements
  5. Review of pertinent materials from Materials Management
  6. Assessment of the functionality and utilization of materials handling equipment needed for efficient operation
  7. Consideration of automation (Robotics, pneumatic tube systems, elevators, etc.)
  8. Review and assessment of physical receiving and delivery locations, space and pathways
  9. Assessment of the overall requirements and satisfaction of major clinical/ancillary departments
  10. Evaluation of current performance levels, practices, policies and processes

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