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Automation Planning

The thought of using automation technology in your supply chain operation provides a level of excitement and anticipation of a modern and highly functioning system. This may be true, but what must be considered to ensure the implementation of automation is a true success story?

Automation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Robotics
  • Pneumatic tube systems
  • Pneumatic chutes (for linen and trash removal)
  • Elevator systems

A situation that often occurs is when a hospital decides to automate their supply chain, only to discover the high cost of their plan. The whole concept is then dropped from their plans.

Automation is not appropriate in every case. The key is to plan carefully and thoroughly to determine what benefits will be derived, what the return on investment will be, how the use of automation will affect your staffing and your processes and how you should plan for both now and the future.

HCSB can provide consulting assistance in all these areas. Contact us to discuss your plans.

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