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Logistical Design

Although logistical design is of paramount importance during the planning stages of new construction, that does not mean it cannot be addressed at other times. Many factors within and outside of the supply chain are in a constant state of change including:

  • New products and product technology
  • Space availability
  • Changes in clinical focus
  • New requirements by the patient care areas
  • Staffing
  • Budgets
  • New automation products
  • Modification of corporate goals and objectives

The point is that what worked before may not work now and will probably not work even in the near future. Hospitals have a tendency to soldier on with what they have in the supply chain. The result is decreased efficiency, higher than needed operational cost and lower customer (clinical) satisfaction.

HCSB can provide an assessment of a client's current operation and processes, make recommendations and provide implementation assistance. Contact us now to see how we help maintain a productive logistical operation at your facility.

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