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Negotiating in the Healthcare Environment

(Optimizing Your Outcomes)

HealthCare Solutions Bureau LLC (HCSB) announces a six-part webinar series on “Negotiating in the Healthcare Environment (Optimizing Your Outcomes)”. This program will take place on a monthly basis starting in late January 2015.

The webinars will be presented by Michael Bohon, CPSM, CMRP and Managing Director of HCSB. Michael has been developing programs and teaching courses on the topic of negotiation since 2000 (see bio below).

Although the webinars are made up of material from the Institute for Supply Management seminars, the Harvard Program on Negotiation and other sources, Michael provides his audiences a healthcare perspective. Real-life examples and tips are offered that will enable participants to use the knowledge gained on their jobs immediately.


The subjects of the six one-hour webinars are:

The Three Major Keys to Success in Every Negotiation

The Harvard Program on Negotiation began an in-depth study of the negotiation process over 30 years ago. One of their early and major accomplishments was determining a number of keys that are critical to success in every negotiation.

They are:

·         The gathering and use of information

·         The management of time

·         Perceiving and utilizing power


This presentation will provide the background and details you need to better understand and utilize these keys in each and every negotiation process in which you are involved.


Tips, Tools and Tactics for Better Negotiation Results 

Experienced negotiators accumulate intelligence which they utilize successfully in following negotiation opportunities. These are often in the form of tactics and tools employed to accomplish their goals. We will review these negotiation aids and how they can assist you in achieving better results for your efforts.

Among the topics to be covered:

·         Splitting the difference in your favor

·         Dealing with emotion when it is displayed by the other side

·         Recognizing the traps of “funny money”

·         Using a “bogie” to your advantage

·         Handling strong objections

·         Dealing with your objectivity



Your Behavior’s Effect on Negotiation Outcomes

Two simple facts:


1.       The only thing that you have complete control over during a negotiation is your behavior.

2.       The negotiating style used can have a dramatic effect on the results you achieve and the continuing relationship.


Learn about the principled negotiation style as taught by the faculty at the Harvard Program on Negotiation. We will discuss the 10+ guidelines that you should invoke during the most difficult bargaining sessions you encounter on your job or in your personal life.


We will demonstrate how the use of these principles is virtually guaranteed to supply you with greatly improved outcomes. And we will share actual real life examples of success. And we will review how these tenets can apply to your own experience and situations


The First (and Most Important) Step in the Negotiation Process

To paraphrase a well known quote – “If you fail to plan, you are (unwittingly) planning to fail”. Thorough preparation is critical to success in negotiations. Without it you will be struggling throughout the entire process.

1.       What groundwork is essential to being well organized in a negotiation?

2.       Why utilize a team approach in healthcare negotiations and how do you organize a team to optimize results?

3.       The criticality of determining your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)

4.       What is the oft-ignored, but significant final step in the negotiation process that prepares you for the next one?

Remember - Getting a better start leads to a better finish/result.


Dealing with Difficult/Unique Negotiation Circumstances

There are some challenges in the realm of negotiation that are considerably more difficult than others. These situations require “special handling” in order to be successful. Among those to be addressed are:

·         Negotiating with a sole source

·         Dealing with deadlocks

·         Strategic business relationships

·         Negotiating electronically

Learn how to deal with these challenges in a manner that will produce the best possible results and assist you in overcoming the complexities and barriers that they can present.



Managing the Most Challenging Negotiations (Internal/with Physicians)

When asked which type of negotiation, internal or external, is more difficult, the answer is virtually 100% of the time – Internal. In healthcare this situation is even more complicated by the fact that physicians are often involved. In addressing these thorny relationships and their demanding nature there are means to cope with them in a manner that will enhance your likelihood of greater success.

During this hour we will address:

·         The #1 required means of overcoming the reticence of and lack of cooperation by internal players including physicians

·         The power that you possess as a supply chain professional 

·         Tools and steps that lead to greater success


The involvement and cooperation of internal players (including physicians) are instrumental elements for you to achieve the goals and targets that will be expected of you. Understand how that is best achieved.



$95.00 per webinar/per site or register for all six webinars for $475.00/per site



You will receive the link to the webinar once payment has been received. Payment can be made by:

  • credit/debit/purchasing cards via the payment link on the invoice provided after registration
  • check(s) sent to:         HCSB

                               13322 N Heritage Gateway Ave

                                Marana, AZ 85658


Please be aware that attendance at the webinars is limited. First signed on, first seated. If your registration has been accepted by HCSB and you are unable to attend, we will provide a link to view the webinar for a period of 30 days.


Schedule – 2015 (with links to registration site):

The Three Keys to Success in Every Negotiation

            January 28th – 2 PM EDT

            February 4th - 2 PM EDT

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/4913799191260048642



Tips, Tools and Tactics for Better Negotiation Results 

            February 25th – 2 PM EDT

            March 4th - 2 PM EDT

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/2713598358817736450


Your Behavior’s Effect on Negotiation Outcomes

            March 18th - 2 PM EDT

            April 1st – 2 PM EDT

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/6145158755945905666



The First (and Most Important) Step in the Negotiation Process

            April 22nd – 2 PM EDT

            May 6th - 2 PM EDT

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/2703131008125910017



Dealing with Difficult/Unique Negotiation Circumstances

            June 3rd - 2 PM EDT

            June 10th - 2 PM EDT

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/1581460657101569



Managing the Most Challenging Negotiations (Internal/with Physicians)

            July 15th - 2 PM EDT

            July 22nd - 2 PM EDT

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/6287306917722348801




Michael Bohon, CPSM, C.P.M., CMRP

Michael Bohon, CPSM, C.P.M., CMRP, is the Founding Principal of the HealthCare Solutions Bureau (HCSB), a healthcare supply chain consulting firm and speakers’ bureau. His extensive business background spans 19 years of work in materials, operations, sales and administration in three industries (steel, electronics and specialty manufacturing) plus the last 27 years in healthcare supply chain management. Prior to founding HCSB, Bohon held positions as Director, Supply Chain Management at TMC HealthCare and Director of Purchasing and Contracts at Health Partners of Arizona. He also worked as a consultant independently and for Perigon, LLC and OMSolutions. Among his accomplishments in consulting are the supply cost reduction of $6M+ in physician preference items at hospital systems nationally and leading successful facilities planning and design projects at expanding hospitals.

Bohon has served as a member of the VHA Contracting Services Advisory Council and was the national chairperson of the Novation Materials Leadership Council and the Dun & Bradstreet Software Healthcare Group. He was the co-founder and national chairperson of the Healthcare Business Professionals Association. He has also served as the chairperson of the VHA West Coast Materials Network. He is a frequent speaker at national meetings and conferences. His articles on materials, negotiations, management, e-commerce and other subjects have appeared in numerous national publications. Bohon has also provided consulting services to major healthcare corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and Becton Dickinson.

Recently Bohon has provided on-site negotiation training for clients such as VCU Health System, Froedtert Health, Resurrection Health and North Kansas City Hospital among others and assisted AHRMM in the development of on-line courses and podcasts on negotiation. He has also presented multiple lecture series for hospital personnel through their group purchasing organizations.

Bohon is an instructor for the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). He has developed business and supply management courses for ISM, Accenture’s Supply Chain Academy and the University of Arizona. These include public seminar courses and two on-line courses on negotiation. ISM has published his work in a self-study book entitled “Power Negotiations – Unlock Your Powers of Influence and Persuasion”.

Bohon is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Comments regarding recent presentations:

·         “Michael was a great speaker. This will help me improve my negotiation skills.”

·         “Michael presented a lot of great information – true to the title of the (presentation).”

·         “Great content”

·         “Great take home information that I can use daily”

·         “Excellent presentation”

·         “I absolutely enjoy Michael’s presentations. Always learn something!!”

·         “Mr. Bohon is an excellent speaker on negotiation. His webinars are a great offering.”

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