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The healthcare supply chain is attempting to (1) wring costs out of their organization's operation and (2) demonstrate to their leadership the value they can deliver. Everyone has attacked the commodity items being purchased some time ago. The focus now is on the high dollar items of implants or physician preference items (PPI). The next frontier to explore is that of Purchased Services (PS).

PS is an area that has received little attention in the past. This is primarily because there typically exists no one point of control in a hospital or hospital system. There may be dozens of people or departments that have set PS agreements in place.

HealthCare Solutions Bureau (HCSB) has an answer for this problem. Using a very powerful analytical system HCSB can by using a General Ledger report provide an in-depth analysis of your total spending package in this area including ferreting out activity you may not be aware of. Then by using the consolidation of this information and by benchmarking the pricing HCSB will prepare and carry out a program that revamps your approach and negotiates new contracts that lower your total cost significantly. Expected results range from an 11 - 18% cost reduction with many cases achieving even higher results.

Then HCSB can develop a follow-up system that will allow the hospital to maintain the control and savings into the future.

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